A beautiful Rainey day wedding........but just a peek.

Jonathan and Cynthia.....known now as Mr. and Mrs. Rainey are such a great couple.  I'm sure some of you will remember them from their Engagement Session a few months ago. They are so much in love and so committed to each other and to God.  Of course Ali and I already knew that.  What was so amazing on the wedding day was the love and support shown by their friends and family.  What a GREAT group of people, and a great group of Christians. When you see as many weddings as Ali and I do you begin to notice the little things about the day, the things that really make the day different and special from all the rest.....for this Rainey day it was the people involved that made it special....the outpouring of true emotion and love from everyone in the wedding.  The vows Jonathan and Cynthia wrote were beautiful, I nearly cried during Jonathan's.  The minister's sermon was truly inspired and from the heart and he obviously has a relationship with Jonathan and Cynthia.  The performances at the reception were amazing including a spoken word performance by one of the groomsmen that absolutely blew me away.   This group clearly loves each other....and with a support group like that and faith in God I just know Jonathan and Cynthia will be able to overcome whatever life throws at them.

This beautiful wedding day started at the Hotel 1000 downtown Seattle.  Then for a fun morning of pictures we went to the Olympic Sculpture Garden and then on to Pike Place Market before boarding an Argosy Cruise Ship for the wedding and reception.  It was an amazing day with an amazing group of people celebrating the start of a truly blessed marriage.

This is only a sneak peek....I will be putting up a slideshow of images as well but I wanted to show everyone a few of my very, very favorites right away.  Be sure and leave a comment, I love hearing what everyone thinks.......ENJOY!!