Bijal and Indian Wedding in Baltimore

What an amazing experience this wedding was, for both Ali and I.  This wedding was really less about two people getting married and more about two families getting married, and what amazing families they are!  Ali and I flew to Baltimore, never having photographed a traditional Indian ceremony before, and really not knowing what to expect.  Of course we did our homework and looked up Indian weddings online to try to get an idea what we were in for, but we had no idea let me assure you.  We photographed not only the wedding day but also the Bridal Shower, Turmeric, and Mehndi ceremonies as well...totaling three amazing days.  We were immediatley treated like members of the family......and we immediatley felt like members of the family.  We not only photographed this amazing wedding, but truly participated in the celebration of two families coming together as one.  I can in no way express how totally blown away Ali and I were by this whole experience.  As my beautiful and talented wife so eloquently put it "Bijal, I cannot even begin to tell you and Sandeep just how honored we are to have photographed your wedding, what an amazing three days. You know, throughout your life there are only a few moments you come across that resonate in the the soul for the rest of your life. The three days we spent with you, your wonderful family and dear friends will resonate in our hearts forever! Thank you."  I found myself not only watching what was taking place but also getting emotionaly involved in what was going on around me  There was such and air of celebration, joy, love, and laughter it was completely impossible not to get swept up in it. I also photographed Bijal and Sandeep in Seattle for their Engagement Session.  I'm sure some of you will remember.....if you would like to see the E-session again, or for the first time you can check it out at BIJAL AND SANDEEP'S ENGAGEMENT SESSION

The slideshow below is of only the wedding day, it would be nearly impossible for me to edit all three days down and fit them in a slideshow.  It was difficult enough just to choose my favorites of the wedding day.  I am so pleased with the results, but the slideshow is a long one so sit back and enjoy the ride.  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the images.......