Kyle + Christina.....Tacoma Engagement Session

Ali and I photographed Kyle and Christina in Tacoma for their Engagement Session.  We've never worked in Tacoma before but it's our new favorite city!!  What a great city...there were tons of AWESOME locations and basically all we did was walk down one of the main streets.  It was quiet and peaceful and super nice...we loved it!! Kyle is my parent's close friend's (my friend too :) son....I hope that makes sense.  Anyway, I have met Kyle before but not Christina, and I wouldn't say that I really knew Kyle.  What a great chance to get to know him and meet his beautiful fiance Christina.  Ali and I had so much fun with them!!  They are a GREAT couple!!  They seem like they were truly made for each other and you can see by looking at them that they are totally in love and happy together.  Everyone here at Vail Studio is looking forward to their wedding next's sure to be a beautiful wedding and a great party!

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