Bill and amazing wedding in Santorini, Greece

Ali and I had the honor of photographing Bill and Kara's VERY amazing destination wedding in Santorini Greece a few weeks ago.  What an awesome experience we had, we still can't quit talking about it!  It wasn't just the place that made this such a special wedding for us though, it was also the people.  Bill and Kara are such great people, and they have such a fun family, we had so much fun getting to know everyone.  I love it when we get to work with people that we like to hang out with!! Once again I find myself thinking how blessed I am to have the career that I do.  There are so many things I love about my work, but getting to know people like these, and to be a part of such an amazing experience with them is really what it's all about.   We had an experience that we will never forget, and we made some new friends that we hope to keep for a lifetime.  The truth is that words can't describe it so I hope that pictures will help. ;)  Be sure to leave a comment.....I LOVE to hear what everyone thinks.