I haven't done a photo of the week for a while.....sorry about that.  Ali and I have been so crazy busy over the last few months it was hard to make time for the little things.  We love to be busy though, and we have had an unbelievable year.  Our first Indian wedding in Baltimore....what an incredible experience, our first of hopefully many Indian weddings to come   We were blown away by the beauty and emotion!!  We traveled to Greece to photograph another amazing wedding.....made some great friends and experienced an absolutely beautiful culture.  In between those two wonderful weddings we were running around photographing all these GREAT local weddings here in the Seattle area and all over Washington.  We made so many new friends this year, saw so many amazing places.....actually I think we're both still spinning.   Last but not least we placed third in Best of Western Washington....what an honor!!  Of course the year is not over and we have some great things to look forward to still.  One thing I am really looking forward to is traveling to LA in mid November to hang out with a bunch of super talented photographers all week at Scott Robert's Next Level Workshop.  I am sure to come back with a head full of inspiration to unleash on everyone ;)  Right now we are hard at work getting everything ready for our upcoming wedding shows this winter.  We have a ton of new ideas for next year....I'm already looking forward to the 2010 wedding season.  LOL .......I really do love my work. This image was taken at a wedding I did in September this year.  Jessica and Jordan have a ton of great images, but this is one of my favorites.  Jessica's dress was absolutely AMAZING!!  Definitely one of my favorite gowns from this had a personality of it's own.  Not everyone could pull off a dress like that but Jessica wore it beautifully!!  I chose this image because I love the emotion, romance, and movement in the image.  I love everything about it, even the little plant growing out of the sidewalk ;)

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