Brent and Amanda's Wedding Album

Hey everyone..... I have been working on the layout for Brent and Amanda's wedding album over the last few days.   This time of year is usually when I end up building most  of the albums from the previous season.  There are so many images for couples to sort through and choose's a BIG job.  I try to make it easier by choosing my favorites for the slideshows but still most people want to at least look at all the images and that can take awhile.  Lucky for me this time of year is perfect for building albums.  2009 Wedding season has slowed down and we are getting ready for the 2010 wedding season which is already filling up fast, and we are so looking forward to an amazing season.  For now though I have a small window in which to work on a few albums from the AMAZING weddings we shot in the 2009 season.  What a GREAT season it has been!!!!

Anyway, Ali and I photographed Brent and Amanda's wedding here on Whidbey Island.....for those of you who are out of state that is near Seattle.  Their wedding was August 1st at a local lighthouse and it was a beautiful day, perfect weather, and an awesome location.  Designing the album let me remember how much I enjoyed the day, and what a great couple Brent and Amanda are.  I hope I have captured the feel of the day in the images and design of the album.  Check it out and let me know what you think....