Roger and Andrea.... an Engagement Session in Port Townsend


Ali and I photgraphed Roger and Andrea last weekend in Port Townsend.  What a GREAT location, unfurtunately I can't take any credit for was all their idea.  We had such a blast! Ali and I haven't been to Port Townsend for at least a year but it's a bit of a special place for Roger and Andrea.  I totally love it when the locations have special meaning for the couples we photograph.  It just makes the whole experience even least in my book ;)  This day couldn't have gotten much better though.  The clouds parted at just the right time, the sun poked out and the company was GREAT.

Sometimes in life all you need to do to make the girl of your dreams happy is to give her a kiss on the cheek and feed her some ice cream.  Roger seems to know that and he seems to be quite good at it too.