Jocelyn and Matt...Engaged!! Seattle

Ali and I photographed Jocelyn and Matt's Engagement Session last weekend in Seattle.  WOW! WOW!'s all I can say!  We had a BLAST!!  I love it when you meet someone for the first time and right away you feel like you have known them forever!  Jocelyn and Matt already feel like old friends.  They were sent to us by one of our favorite wedding couples from last year...THANK YOU CYNTHIA!!  I knew they would be an amazing couple if they were friends of Jonathan and Cynthia, and sure enough they were!! Sandwiched in between lousey weather we managed to find an absolutely beautiful day.  Matt led us to some GREAT new locations...YAY!  Right in the middle of Seattle we found a private slice of heaven, and spent a couple of nice relaxing hours enjoying the warm sunny day.  Then to cap the day off we had dinner at Palisade WOW! WOW! WOW!  Seattle is having restaurant week!  I suggest you take advantage of it if you like to eat ;) New locations, beautiful couple, very good food, and new friends...AWESOME!