Erica and Nick....Seattle Center Engagement Session

Erica is no longer a bridesmaid...she's about to be a bride....YAY!!


Ali and I first met Erica when she was a bridesmaid at Chris and Courtney's was one of our favorites from last year.  Now Erica and Nick are getting married, and Ali and I are thrilled to be a part of it!!

We photographed their Engagement Session last week at the Seattle Center on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.  It was one of those days that really makes me appreciate what we do, getting to spend the day photographing a great couple, wandering around Seattle Center on a warm and sunny afternoon.....soooooo perfect!!  Erica and Nick are Great!  Erica made it clear that having her picture taken wasn't on the top of her list of favorite things to do....and aparrently Nick doesn't even allow pictures while on vacation.   I'm sorta wondering if that was all a front because they look comfortable and happy in front of the camera to me....and Ali and I had no problem capturing some amazing images of the two of them!!  Next day!!