Viv and Jen....Married!! A Beautiful day at Willows Lodge!

  Ali and I had never worked at Willows Lodge before....WOW, what a beutiful venue!  We always like to show up early, but especially to a new venue.  We arrived about an hour before pictures were set to begin and ran in to Viviano in the lobby.  He was looking excited and happy and well, maybe a little nervous.  It worked out perfect that we ran into Viv because he was able to give us the really is an AMAZING venue!  After our tour we found the girls...mostly ready, looking beautiful, and this amazing day was off to a great start!

This was truly a beautiful day, an amazing celebration of two people who are very in LOVE and two families that couldn't be happier for them.  The ceremony was officiated by Annemarie Juhlian, she does such a nice job.  The ceremony was fun, light hearted, warm, and loving just like Viv and Jen.  Ali and I had so much fun working with the brand new Mr. and Mrs.... and their family and friends were an absolute joy.  The entire day was a smooth sailing and joyous occasion....YAY!!  Congratulations Viv and Jen!


Ali and I also photographed Viv and Jen's Engagement Session.  If you haven't seen it, be sure to check it out!