Erica and Nick...Married in Seattle!!

Not even rain could put a damper on this beautiful day....Erica and Nick just smiled, changed their plans, and went on with the day.  Erica said she always wanted a fall wedding, she just didn't know it would be in the middle of August.  What an amazing attitude!!  Ali and I photographed Erica and Nick's beautiful day a couple of weeks ago at Shilshole Bay Beach Club in Seattle.  The wedding was planned to be an outdoor event, but due to the rain it was moved in doors.  Jessica, the event coordinator and the staff at the Beach Club did an amazing job of rolling with the punches, and making things work.  The bouquets and center pieces were beautiful...thanks to Christopher Flowers.  And, in the end, two people who truely love one another got married, and the day was perfect!  This is one VERY amazing couple!  Ali and I enjoyed every second we got to spend with them throughout the process of photgraphing them....there Engagement Session, dinner at their favorite hang out, and finaly the BIG day.  Together they have a care free, relaxed, and fun loving attitude and it's easy to see why they love each other.