Fred and Steph...Jacksonville, FL




Ali and I traveled to Jacksonville Florida last week to photograph the wedding of Fred and Stephanie.  WOW!!  We had so much fun!!  From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcomed and loved just like members of the family.  Southern hospitality is alive and well in Jacksonville and Fred and Steph are helping to keep it that way, that’s for sure!

The weather on wedding day was perfect…calm, sunny and warm with a pleasant cool breeze.  The wedding seemed to match the weather perfectly… relaxed and happy with a joyful breeze blowing through.  It was a simple, elegant love story about a family that came together to love and support one another.  Fred and Steph are amazing people with a very special family.

We are honored and blessed to have played even the smallest part in such a beautiful day!  Congratulations Fred and Steph!!