Duke and Jackie....Huntington Beach, California

Ali and I first met Jackie in Greece.  We were there to photograph Kara and Bill's amazing wedding day and Jackie was a guest.  We were so honored when Jackie contacted us to photograph her, and Duke's BIG day!  They also invited us to stay with them for a few days at their beautiful vacation home on Oahu, Hawaii to photograph their engagement session.  The first time we met Duke was actually in his kitchen as he was cooking us dinner.  Ali and I were immediately made to feel right at home.  Jackie and Duke just have an easy going relaxed way about them, not only with the people around them but also with each other.  They have a simple, but true love that is a beautiful thing to see.  Jackie and Duke are incredible people as individuals and as a couple they are just out of this world!  We have had a fantastic experience getting to know them!

The BIG day took place at the Hyatt on Huntington Beach and it could not have been more perfect!  Every last detail was thought out, and every moment was planned but in true Jackie and Duke style the day seemed to unfold as if magic, without a care in the world.  Jackie and Duke are a couple who truley love, honor, and cherish one another.  Although there were many brilliant moments throughout the day, many amazing details, incredible food, laughter, and dancing...what stood out the most to about this day was the importance that was put on making every last guest feel right at home, and every last family member feel loved.


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